ASG Election Commission: Cilento-Vinson in Violati...

ASG Election Commission: Cilento-Vinson in Violation

Less than two weeks after defeating the opposing ticket for Associated Student Government (ASG) President and Vice President, Christina Cilento’s and Macs Vinson’s victory is being investigated by the ASG Election committee. After a report surfaced on Thursday saying that SESP sophomore Kevin Corkran leaked information about the voting margins while the voting period was still in play, the commission looked into the circumstances. Corkran has since resigned. Originally, the commission concluded that Cilento and Vinson were not at fault for receiving the information, which allegedly stated the margins were extremely close with Cilento-Vinson down by single digit votes. It was later decided to reopen the case for further investigation.
If we’re going to talk about morality, let’s begin with this institution, not students receiving information that they had no control over.”

Qunsia Daniel, SESP ’16

Cilento and Vinson were sworn into their respective offices on Wednesday.
In a statement released via Facebook on Friday, Cilento and Vinson remarked:

At no point did we ask for any of the information we were given, nor were we aware of what information the other team was receiving.

Looking back, we should have been more upfront with all of you, and for that we are incredibly sorry. We know that many students placed their trust in us throughout this campaign, and we are so grateful for your support.

“I am more than extraordinarily frustrated at this decision,” says Medill senior Jillian Sellers. “Same old Northwestern, playing the same old games. If they don’t get what they want… They’ll find a way to get it.”

“When Christina and Macs won, I had some small portion of hope restored in my heart,” says SESP senior Qunsia Daniel. “I don’t understand how we can fault the C&M team for using Facebook to rally voters in the last hour of voting. Students still had to make the choice to vote for them.”

Throughout the election process, Cilento and Vinson were both targets of spot queerphobia, racism and sexism through mediums such as Yik Yak, the social media platform.

According to The Daily Northwestern, the election commissioner’s decision was based on information obtained by the newspaper.

Should Christina & Macs Be Punished for Receiving Margin Information?
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