A Letter to the Black Community

Historically, with each issue of BlackBoard, the current FMO Coordinator pens a letter to the Black community here at Northwestern addressing topics that they see as relevant and worthy of discussion. Hear some words from this year’s coordinator, Cari Chambers.
  FMO Family, It has been an honor to serve as your coordinator this year! This year has been full of trials and tribulations, including fighting for and winning back The Black House. Through it all, we stuck together. That is community. I would like to congratulate BlackBoard magazine on it’s relaunch and reappearance on campus! I am excited that there is finally a publication about us, by us, and for us. This launch will give our community a voice again on NU’s campus. I encourage you all to support our fam at BlackBoard Magazine as they strive to bring us quality, meaningful, and relevant content. More importantly, I would like to remind you all of the importance of this community. The Black community at Northwestern is supposed to provide comfort, love, and solidarity for each other. As this year comes to a close, I encourage you to take the time to reflect on your involvement with FMO and the Black community. We are only as strong as our constituents! Do your part to support the leaders of the Black community and validate their hard work by spreading positive words, supporting each other’s events, and pushing each other and our groups to be the best we can be at this challenging university. Do your part to ensure that our community stays safe and that it stays fruitful. I want to recognize the hard work that has been put into programming so many awesome events this year. Without all of your work, time, and dedication, our community would not exist. Lastly, I would like to thank you all for allowing me to be your coordinator thus far and I am excited for the work that will be done in our community in the years to come. Stay blessed! -Cari IMG_2682


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