Top Things You Must Do Before Graduating from Nort...

Top Things You Must Do Before Graduating from Northwestern: BlackBoard Edition

We wanted to spend some time thinking about what a bucket list might look like for ourselves and many of our readers. An important factor of each item on this list is to always remember, resistance comes in MANY forms. There is no one right way to be active on campus. Follow YOUR path, but remember you’re entitled to it all. If you have anything you think should be added, taken off, or expanded, sound off in the comments! We want to hear from you. Let’s begin! Spend all night in the Black House
    1. It’s a rite of passage. So many of us have done this, something about that 10 page paper being due tomorrow makes me want to hole up in the safest place on campus. If you’re going to pull an all nighter, do it here. But please don’t do it frequently.
    2. Other favorite Black House activities: hosting fundraisers, chatting with staff (aka extended family), generally being affirmed
    3. Perk: near Plex late night and Fran’s.
black house Go see a $5 movie
    1. Every Tuesday, the theater in Evanston offers movie tickets for less! This is an inexpensive and low stress way to get off campus for a couple hours. Get some Andy’s while you’re at it.
mjpop Go into Chicago
    1. Break the Northwestern bubble as often as you can! Go to museums, eat fantastic food, find something for the gram, visit any one of the amazing neighborhoods in Chicago with so much to offer.
chicago street corner source   Harold’s
    1. There’s no living in Chicagoland if you haven’t gone to Harold’s.
harolds Source   Take ethnic studies classes!
    1. Especially if you’re already a major or minor, take a class in some of the other ethnic studies departments! They’re incredible and a good way to build coalitions and challenge the world around us.
    2. If you’re not, still try to pick up a couple credits over your four years. These classes have been some of the best classes I’ve taken here: challenging, rewarding, and full of love. Just choose wisely….
books     Engage with Chicago politics
    1. Be familiar with what’s impacting people in the place where you live! This place has some of the most twisted politics, but also has some of the most passionate and engaged alderpeople. Find out what they’re doing!
    2. A potentially very fulfilling way to do this is attend the various actions that happen in the city and on campus. This fall, we held protests in solidarity with Mizzou and to address happenings on our own campus. In Chicago, the Fight for 15 is active and there are endless groups working together for a better world.
music hall protest Vote in ASG and FMO elections
    1. #ElectionDebacle2016. See above, your voice matters!
    2. Note: This means you can’t forget to be a registered member of FMO. Get on that.
    1. Some of our organizations are putting on INCREDIBLE programming. We understand that there is often too much programming. But when else will you get to see movies from Sundance for free? Sit in a room and hear Angela Davis speak for free? Get a book signed by Nikki Giovanni FOR FREE? This is a unique moment in our lives. So show up.
chi sun times Build each other up. Be brave.
    1. This world is full of challenges. Living, for us, is to be challenged. Know that you’re entitled to every moment of joy. Take it! Participate to the fullest. Watch Netflix for hours when you need to. Be kind to each other as we all navigate this often toxic space.
gospel truth 2 But lastly, while you’re at it, take a selfie with Willie, paint a rock, find the Einstein’s in Pancoe and watch the sunrise on the lake fill. Take moments out to just be a student and do things for yourself. You belong here. Be selfish. Live your best life. We’re rooting for you.


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