Prez Harris performs at Mayfest’s Battle of ...

Prez Harris performs at Mayfest’s Battle of the Bands

Photos courtesy of Courtney Morrison. Randall Harris took the stage Saturday for his second Battle of the Bands performance. Sponsored by Mayfest, this event showcases the musical talent of Northwestern students. Winners of Battle of the Bands receive a spot in the Dillo Day line-up. Prez Harris’ performance combined singing by Adhana Reid, hip-hop dancing by Sterling Harris and Alecia Richards, DJing by Frank Lin, freestyle rapping by Harris’ fellow DOJO members and Harris’ own impressive rapping. After his second place performance at last year’s Battle of the Bands, Harris wanted to come back stronger this year with a more versatile performance than what students are used to at Battle of the Bands. But, as a Mayfest member, Harris was not able to be considered for the Dillo Day spot. Instead, he was offered a guest spot in the competition. “Last year, I joined Mayfest and at the time performing at battle of the bands as a Mayfest member was no problem. So I thought it would be the same this year, but there was a rule change and Mayfest members can’t perform in the competitions for a Dillo spot,” explains Harris. Although he considers himself a competitive person, Harris believes performing at Battle of the Bands is about more than winning. At every performance, he wants to send a message. Harris is one of the founders of the hip-hop group DOJO (Don’t Only Just Observe). The group was formed to promote expression and allow others to try their hand at rapping in an open, supportive environment. Everyone, regardless of background, is welcome to participate. Harris tries to channel a similar inspiration message in his music. “I think one of the main messages or motifs I try to get across in my music is that everyone as an individual has power in some regard. Everyone has something they can contribute to this world and if we all work together, then it would be a better place,” says Harris. Harris is currently preparing to take the stage June 3 at the Double Door Show. More information on event details and tickets sales can be found on Ticket Web here.  


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