Multicultural Filmmakers Collective to Screen R...

Multicultural Filmmakers Collective to Screen “How to Tell You’re a Douchebag”

  Moviegoers who enjoy watching romcoms on a college student’s budget can rejoice, because NU’s Multicultural Filmmakers Collective will host a free screening of “How to Tell You’re a Douchebag” Thursday, May 12 at 7 p.m. The film will be shown in Annie May Swift Hall’s Peggy Dow Helmerich Auditorium and a Q&A with Tahir Jetter, the film’s director, will follow. Jetter’s feature film debut tells the story of a womanizing Brooklynite blogger who falls in love with a no-nonsense journalist who teaches him how to stop being a major douchebag. The film boasts an all-Black cast, keeping with MFC’s mission to promote content that uplifts marginalized communities. “It’s something that should be happening all the time,” said Emelyn Barrientos, co-chair of programming for MFC. “But it’s not, and that’s why it’s surprising and that’s why we need this kind of exposure.” Jetter contacted MFC about bringing the film to NU in an attempt to share his work with minority filmmakers on college campuses, Barrientos said. The film premiered at this year’s Sundance Film Festival and is currently touring on festival circuits, so this may be student’s only chance to view it. Natalie Frazier, MFC’s other programming co-chair, says that by showing the film, MFC wants to expose students to a type of movie they may not have seen before, as well as to inspire thoughtful dialogue. Fraizer also said that although Jetter’s film is light-hearted, it can still provoke a discussion about serious topics like relationships, race and gender roles. Screening the film is also a way for MFC to show content that represent is representative of moviegoers as will as moviemakers. By participating in the event, students can voice their opinions to challenge perceptions in Hollywood that are heavily white-biased. “The audience is a really big part in making that change,” Barrientos said. “They can be that change if they start exposing themselves to it.”  


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