“It’s been a long, a long time comin’ but I know

Change gone come.”

-Sam Cook, A Change is Gonna Come

  I am utterly and completely ecstatic to lift my hands in declaration that change is here. And, my, has it been a long time comin’! But, I believe that we are able to wholeheartedly dedicate ourselves to something when we know the impact it can have for the greater community. For the folks who spent hours of work programming, handling paperwork and responding to annoying emails just to be able to say, “We passed UnShackle NU,” I am sure that work was worth it. For those of us who stormed SPAC that afternoon, causing both curtains & systems of erasure to fall, I am sure that work was worth it. For our student activist predecessors who literally put their bodies on the line for things like this publication to even exist, that work lives on through us right here, right now.   BlackBoard is here, and though I am extraordinarily proud of my team for putting in countless hours for its existence to live once again, by no means are we the only ones responsible for the presence of this narrative. The slogan of this magazine – Ubuntu – is an Nguni Bantu philosophical phrase roughly meaning, “I am, because we are.” Alas, BlackBoard is here because of us. BlackBoard lives because of you. BlackBoard is, because we are. Because we do. Because we work.   I hope that you will peruse this site and find something that speaks to you. I hope that you will hear a tune in the melody we’ve set out for all to hear and want to keep listening. At the very least, I hope you will find something that makes you smile. And if not, let us know. Hold us accountable. Ubuntu.   Last but in no way least, give my team some love, family! If you see someone’s name you know who has curated something, uplift them. If you were interviewed by someone and can finally see yourself represented (well) in a campus publication, give them a high five. Validate and converse with them. They’ve done this work with you in mind. And now, it is time for that work to come full circle. Ubuntu! I want to hear from you all! Please send any and all letters to the editor to BlackBoardMagazineNU@gmail.com!   Bless, Sierra Boone (she/her/hers) Former, Editor-in-Chief, BlackBoard Magazine April 2016 via GIPHY