Barbershop Talks: Fostering Community at the Black...

Barbershop Talks: Fostering Community at the Black House

Last Sunday, the men of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. at Northwestern hosted free haircuts and pizza at The Black House for an event they called “Barbershop Talks.” The event took place in the 1st floor Black House conference room where games, food, and community was fostered for any who wanted to come. Men played Madden 17’on the PS4 while a barber named Jalen, also known as “Barber J” gave everyone who needed a cut some nice fades and trims, all for free. According to the Alphas facebook event, “The point of this event is to bring the barbershop atmosphere to campus and create a open space to just kick back, have good conversations and get a FREE haircut.” In this space, the men discussed how their weekend had gone, different kinds of sports and kicked back as they enjoyed pizza and waited for their turn to get their haircut. The event lasted for about 2 and a half hours,with around 15 men coming in to see what was happening. The pizza was quickly eaten and the game of Madden ‘17 was changed to the Northwestern basketball game against Purdue. Men were shouting and yelling the whole time in support for Northwestern to win the game. Barber J, who is a graduate student and a former Northwestern football player, used his barbering talent to give everyone who wanted a cut whatever they wanted, including me. The fades were clean, the lineups fresh, and the trims straight. In my opinion,everybody in that room got a $25 haircut for free, and it would be an understatement to say they were just satisfied. Afterwards, the room got cleaned up, the trash taken out, and everyone headed out for the rest of their Sunday plans. If the Alphas were looking for community, they got it, because the whole time men were laughing, roasting, and getting great new cuts.

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