10 ‘A Different World’ Moments That Pe...

10 ‘A Different World’ Moments That Perfectly Describe College

A Different World is the spinoff of the Cosby show that follows Denise Huxtable in her first year at fictional HBCU Hillman College. After Lisa Bonet left the show after the first season, the show continues to portray college life around the characters Whitley, Dwayne and their friends. Even for students not at an HBCU, A Different World depicts college in a relatable way and talks about topics such as roommates, friendship, schoolwork, social scene, responsibility, relationships, racism, and more. Here are 10 moments from the show that describe college life perfectly.   1) When you realize that college is about growing up and being responsible images 2) Looking at the syllabus like books-college 3) When your roommate is a neat freak tumblr_mlvsfhs4KC1qdpdxuo2_500 4) When that language requirement starts to get the better of you tumblr_lhm4f5l6ve1qbrt4ao1_400 5) When some one tries to talk smooth to you 3 6) When you realize how much work you have to do 2 7) Practicing self care like a-different-world-relax-relate-release_ 8) Getting out of your feelings like 82052_adifferentworldgina_oohhoneyboom 9) Every freshman dreaming for the day when they’re no longer at the bottom 200_s 10) When you know you are and your self-worth no matter what anyone else thinks Untitled If you’ve never seen A Different World or just want to relieve the series, all six seasons are on Netflix.


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