BlackBoard Excellence

Professors research intersection of race, caste and colorism

The making of a sweeping interdisciplinary project.

By Melissa Perry


Mammy and the politics of reclamation

Is it time to reclaim her, too?

By Elisabeth Betts

Bible quilt Harriet Powers

Always there: the overlooked history of quilting in African American culture

How African American women quilters have been integral to American culture

By Ari Crockett

Cover story

The refounding: how BlackBoard got its restart

How a handful of students resurrected Northwestern’s second-oldest publication.

By Camille Williams

Personal essay

Lessons we learned by 19

 I tell myself that I can take the punches. Often, I wish that I didn’t have to.

By Kenny Davis


Black Formal: The glamour of black success
Black Formal is a yearly event run by a board of Black …
UChicago hosted the first-ever Intercollegiate Black Cookout, leaving students wanting more
Shot and edited by Josephine White “Black excellence” was the theme of …
Black Hollywood: Illuminating our successes
'Embodying Black Hollywood means living every day with the knowledge that what …
Lessons we learned by 19
Borne from their mother’s sacrifices and forged by the challenges they faced, …
The politics of reclamation: Mammy
Should we reclaim her?
‘In the Heights’ encourages audiences to dream big
A bold tale of resilience and joy told entirely through a cast …

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